Who's Got Time to Receive Calls Anymore? - Toyota Parts Blog

Your car’s broken down, so, naturally, took it to the nearest Toyota repair garage. You got a rental because your busy schedule will not allow you to operate without a mode of transportation, and for a replacement, it’s getting the job done.

Unfortunately, your car was chosen for your specific lifestyle and the faster you can get it back, the better. Here’s the problem: garages around the country contact their clients using the telephone, and millions of people are not available to receive a call about the status of their vehicle. Fortunately, a new technology/company (TeleText Solutions) in use by vehicle repair companies allows the repairman to send a quick and convenient text-message to the client regarding the status of their repair.

The new availability of texting has greatly reduced the amount of time spent trying to contact people whose vehicles are in their care. In the past, dealerships have attempted email, but they ran into the same problem. Consumers today just don’t have time to check emails and take phone calls with all their meetings and such. Surprisingly, the amount of people who have agreed on using the service is a lot smaller than first expected, but usage is expected to rise in the future.

Mercedes-Benz and several other dealerships are taking advantage of the technology, while many other large companies are considering the switch. Hopefully, in the future, you can get constant updates on the status of your Toyota Parts that are in for repair and for the availability of Toyota Accessories.

Written by Tom Blackman