Toyota Truck Tips - Install a Radio

If your Toyota Truck doesn’t have a radio or you are looking to upgrade it, it can be fairly easy to do. Here are some steps to follow when you are ready to change or add a new radio.

Toyota Truck Tips - Install a Radio

Looking to add or upgrade your Toyota truck radio? Here are some steps to follow.

Many Toyota trucks come with either a factory radio installed or at the very least, a pre-wired location for one. One of the first steps you will need to do, is to locate the place where the radio will go and an idea of where to look for wires. You can easily do this by checking your service manual for your Toyota truck.

Next, look up aftermarket radios that will fit your model year Toyota truck. Most of these radios will come with pre-wired hookups and/or plastic kits to ensure a proper fit. The kit may also include instructions and/or adapters for different wiring harnesses.

If you have an old radio you want to replace, make sure you disconnect your battery before you begin. Working with the “power on” is dangerous anytime and especially so when working on your truck.

As you remove your old radio, make sure you take your time in removing all the pieces and collecting all the wires. You will want to create the most ideal working area as you prep the new radio.

After you have removed the old radio and installed the new, you will want to reconnect your battery. Then, make sure you test out the radio extensively. The worst thing to have happen is to think you have properly installed a radio only to discover one piece of it isn’t working.

If you followed all of these steps correctly, you should have successfully installed a new radio.

Written by Tim Esterdahl