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Mini-Monster Truck Toyota Tundra Crew Platinum Max - Featured Ride

Truck owners love to see custom rides that are radically different than the stock model. This mini-monster Toyota Tundra Crew Max definitely fits into that category. Do you love it or hate it?

Mini-Monster Truck Toyota Tundra Crew Platinum Max - Featured Ride

Is this way over done or just right? Let us know by commenting below.

Among the impressive features are is the custom suspension with retractable running boards. It also has a TRD supercharger to help power this beast. You get all of this height and power with a “Lexus” like interior.

YouTube Preview Image

While it may be tough to hear what he is saying, it is easy to see the results. This custom truck was built by Hawaiian tuner Intense Motorsports Maui. They claim it is “the most expensive and elaborate build ever completed in the region,” according to AutoEvolution.com. It is tough to disagree.

We haven’t heard what the MPG is on this model, but we are sure it isn’t as high as the lift!

What do you think, is it a great custom job or a dud?

Written by Tim Esterdahl