New Motor Oil For Passenger Cars - MPG Boost Too

A new oil grade, SAE 16, is coming to the passenger car market and could be used on all new Toyota passenger car models. These cars could see an increase in MPG with this new viscosity grade. 

New Motor Oil For Passenger Cars

A new motor oil grade, SAE 16, is on its way to passenger cars. It promises less engine friction that may result in better MPGs.

This new oil grade was approved by the Society of Automotive Engineers after a consortium of “passenger car” makers approached them. This consortium wanted an oil grade that was below the SAE 20 grade. The idea is that this new oil will reduce friction resulting in better MPGs when used in new, more efficient engines.

“The main driving force for using lower-viscosity oils is to lower hydrodynamic friction, thereby increasing fuel economy,” said Michael Covitch of Lubrizol, Chair of the SAE International Engine Oil Viscosity Classification (EOVC) task force, according to

SAE says that it went with the 16 number versus the traditional five distinction to hopefully decrease consumer confusion. The problem is that one of the most popular oil grades in Europe is SAE 15W-40 for use in heavy-duty diesel trucks and passenger diesel cars.  They are now able to step down in fours like SAE 12, 8, or 4 instead of fives. By using a different numbering sequence, SAE is also able to keep their distinctive high- and low- temperatures grades (the latter uses “W” to indicate “winter”).

What does this mean for the average consumer? Every car owner needs to be aware of what type of oil and oil-related products (filters) that the manufacture recommends. If you follow these recommendations or use a dealership for all your maintenance needs, you can be sure you are using the best products for your vehicle.