2007-2010 Camry And Tundra Recall Plans

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. is instructing dealers to attach floor mats to seat frames on the driver’s side of select vehicles with self-locking wire ties to prevent the mats from snagging on gas pedals and causing unintended acceleration.

Toyota Motor Sales began sending out instructions about the fix to its regional sales offices on Thursday, Oct. 1. Regional personnel began distributing the information to dealers the next day.

He says the mats are to be secured to the driver’s seat frame with nylon self-locking wire ties, described as plastic straps that loop back into themselves and lock when pulled tight. Dealers also are to attach a label to the wire tie warning dealers and customers to ensure that these  Toyota accessories are secured with restraining straps. Toyota vehicles involved are 2007-10 Camrys and 2007-10 Tundras.