Toyota Land Cruisers Association – A Great Place for Toyota 4 x 4 Owners to Connect With Each Other! - Toyota Parts Blog

Toyota Land Cruisers Association is comprised of over 4,000 Toyota centric off-road enthusiasts nationwide who own Toyota Land Cruisers, FJ Cruisers, 4Runners or Toyota 4×4 trucks.  Member trucks include everything from the vintage Toyota Land Cruiser of old to a fully built brand new FJ and everything imaginable in between.  The members use everything from genuine Toyota parts to stuff made in their garage to maintain or build their rigs.

The members take trips to test out their trucks and hang out and have fun with other members.  They challenge each other with the tough trails of the Rubicon and Moab to play time at Pismo or an adventure in Baja or Canada.  They bring out everything from a fully built rock crawler with paddles to a brand new FJ with little to no mods.

Members include experts that can help each other solve tricky problems, find the perfect trail head, or the find the best place to get Toyota OEM parts for their rig.

Toyota Land Cruisers Association is the place where the hardcore Toyota enthusiast can meet up with each other.  To join simply go to their website at While you are there you can see all the fun things they have in store.

Written by Tom Blackman