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The right accessories can really improve the look of your Toyota.

However, there are tons of accessories out there that will do little to improve your Toyota. Here are a few of the top unnecessary accessories for your vehicle.

  • Custom Wheels – Many people like to ditch the factory wheels for custom chrome ones. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While they may look good to you, the person looking to buy your car may not like them. It’s better to invest in some OEM wheels if you want to improve the resale value of your Toyota.
  • Aftermarket LED Lighting – LED lighting is becoming a popular accent for many cars. It looks great on most rides when it’s a manufacturer option. However, if you chose to go with an aftermarket option, it can just look cheap. Some can actually hurt the eyes of on-coming drivers.
  • Crappy Floor Mats – Too often, people look to save money by getting cheap aftermarket floor mats for their Toyota. These do little to protect the interior of the vehicle. In the long run, it’s better to purchase floor mats from a genuine Toyota parts dealer. These were specifically designed for your vehicle and should last longer than most aftermarket mats.
  • Custom Spoilers – Adding a custom spoiler may make your Toyota look unique. However, it doesn’t really add any value to your vehicle. Forget the spoiler and use that money to invest in genuine Toyota replacement parts. It will keep your Toyota running smoothly.
  • Custom Tint – Custom tint jobs may provide some shade, but over time it most likely will begin to peel and flake. It’s not worth installing. It’s a pain to remove and replace. Plus, if you move out of state, the laws on window tinting might be different.

What accessories do you think are a waste of money? Leave your comments below.

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Written by Tom Blackman