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Toyota Super Bowl Ads That Will Leave You Laughing - Toyota Parts Blog

Super Bowl 47 is nearly here! The big game is on February 3 in New Orleans.

Whether or not you’re a football fan, you’ll probably get a laugh or two from some of the commercials. To get you ready for this year’s batch of Super Bowl commercials, here are some of our past favorite Toyota commercials.


RAV4 Commercial

This Toyota RAV4 commercial has some great slap-stick comedy. It even includes an explosion.


Corolla Commercial

This is a European Toyota commercial, but it would definitely make a great Super Bowl spot. You’ll be surprised with this one.


Camry Commercial

This one appeared in a Super Bowl a few years ago. It’s a funny take on the “redesigned Camry.”


Toyota Canada Commercial

This Toyota commercial about love takes a twist at the very end. It aired in Canada and probably would do well on the Super Bowl.


Toyota Australia Commercial

There have been a good number of Super Bowl commercials starring animals over the years. This one takes the cake.


What is your favorite commercial? Leave your comments below on the Toyota Parts Center Blog. At Toyota Parts Center, we are the No. 1 online seller of genuine Toyota parts. Whether it’s Camry parts or those hard-to-find parts, we have them. Visit us at parts.olathetoyota.com

Written by Tom Blackman