Why The Toyota Corolla Is Better Than The Honda Civic

toyota corollaThe Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic have been battling for the top position in the compact car market for years. 

In recent years, the Honda Civic has held the top sales spot. In our opinion, this is going to change soon. 

Here’s why we think the Toyota Corolla is set to knock the Honda Civic off of its perch. 

1: The Corolla Is Reasonably Priced – The starting price for a 2021 Corolla L is $20,025. A comparable 2021 Civic is priced at $21,050. That’s a big difference for a compact car. Plus, when you look at the specs, the Corolla gets similar fuel economy and horsepower.

2: The Corolla Is A Safer Vehicle – Both the Corolla and Civic are safe vehicles. However, in addition to the five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Corolla has more standard safety tech like proximity warning and lane assist.

3: The Corolla Is Designed Better – In our opinion, the Corolla just looks better. And the designers of the 2021 Corolla remembered the small-yet-important things like a large fuel tank (13.2 gal vs. the Civic's 12.4 gal) and LED headlamps standard.

4: Entertainment – The 2021 Corolla comes with satellite radio (3 month satellite radio service trial included) and a standard 6 speaker system. The Civic offers only an AM/FM radio and 4 standard speakers.

5: Toyota Care – Toyota is now offering a complimentary maintenance program, called Toyota Care, which provides free oil changes and 24-hour roadside assistance for two years or 25,000 miles. You can’t beat that.

These are the top reasons that we think the Corolla is primed to overtake the Civic. What are your thoughts? At Toyota Parts Center, we specialize in selling genuine Corolla parts and other Toyota OEM parts.