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Cars You Shouldn’t Be Caught Driving on a First Date - Toyota Parts Blog

The dating scene can be tough. It can be especially difficult, if you roll up in one of these vehicles.


Hummer H2

These vehicles may have been cool 10 years ago, but today they’re seen by many as outdated gas guzzlers.

Pontiac Aztec

This SUV was heavily criticized for its exterior design. Time magazine called it one of the worst cars of all time. Many blogs have it on their top 10 list of ugly cars of all time.

Any Minivan

Don’t get us wrong, minivans are great family vehicles. They’re awesome for road trips and hauling the kids around town. They don’t make good rides for first dates.

Smart Car

Is it a car or is it a golf cart? If you’re looking to save on gas why not show up to your date with a Toyota Prius instead?

Tuner Cars

If you want to make a good impression, leave the tuner car at home. In most instances, the cars are loud and use poor aftermarket parts. Why not keep your Toyota as is with genuine Toyota parts?


What cars do you think should be on this list? Did we miss any? Do you disagree with our list? Leave your comments below.

Written by Tom Blackman