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The Top Off-Roading Toyota Vehicles - Toyota Parts Blog

Toyota trucks and SUVs make great rides for weekend warriors that love the off-roads.

If you’re looking for a Toyota with some off-road capabilities, consider one of these models.

  • Toyota FJ Cruiser – The FJ Cruiser is a popular off-roading vehicle. It started as a concept vehicle in 2003 and took off in 2006. The FJ Cruiser has its roots in the old Toyota J40, a solid off-road vehicle from 1970s. In addition to being a fun ride on trails, the FJ Cruiser sports many great features including satellite radio as well as water-resistant seats.
  • Toyota Tacoma – Owners of this truck love to customize it for off-roading. The Tacoma is just the right size for off-roading adventures. For those looking for a little more fun, you might want to consider the Tacoma TRD Baja Edition. This ride comes with a solid 2.7 four-cylinder engine. You also have the option of a V6 if you’re looking for more power.
  • Toyota 4Runner – The 4Runner is a versatile SUV. As a truck-based SUV, the 4Runner can handle the trails and the highway. The 4Runner can easily climb rocks with its hill descent and hill climb assist features. Overall, it’s a great all-around vehicle for off-roading and the family.
  • Land Cruiser – The Land Cruiser is often seen as a high-end SUV because of its $78,000 price tag. However, the Land Cruiser can hold its own on the trails. The Land Cruiser’s roots are in off-roading. The Land Cruiser 60 series was known for its off-road abilities. Today’s Land Cruisers include four-wheel drive and downhill assist control.

What are your favorite vehicles for off-roading? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below.

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Written by Tom Blackman