Why Toyota Car Owners Are Smarter Than Other Car Owners - Toyota Parts Blog

Okay… we said it. Toyota owners are smarter than other car owners.

We can support this claim too. Here are a few reasons Toyota owners are the smart ones when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

  • Toyota owners have a safe vehicle – Toyotas feature the Star Safety System, which includes a full lineup of the latest and greatest safety features. The Star Safety System is standard on all Toyota vehicles and includes stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, smart stop technology and much more.
  • Toyota owners save money on gas – Toyota owners have more money in their pocket thanks to amazing fuel economy. Whether it’s the Toyota Prius or even the Toyota Camry, Toyotas get great gas mileage in comparison to other vehicles in similar classes.
  • Toyotas are reliable vehicles – Toyota regularly tops the reliability rankings among automakers. Toyota owners love their vehicles because they’re durable and long lasting. Toyotas are known to get hundreds of thousands of miles, especially when they use Toyota OEM parts.
  • Toyota vehicles have the latest technology – When you buy a Toyota, you’re getting the latest and greatest technological features. Whether it’s a hybrid engine or Toyota’s Entune entertainment system, you’re getting the best with Toyota.

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Written by Tom Blackman