What Your Friends Are Afraid to Tell You About Your Car - Toyota Parts Blog

Have you ever wondered what people really think about your car? Here are just a few things that your friends may be afraid to say about your car.

  • Your car is dirty and it stinks – No passenger likes a car littered with coffee cups and fast food bags. If this is your car, you might want to throw away these items when you’re at a gas station. By keeping your car clean, you might improve its resale value down the road or even impress a hot date.
  • You’re playing your music too loud – Sure it’s fun to jam out in your car every once and a while. But no one wants to participate in a karaoke jam session during the morning rush hour commute to work.
  • You probably should probably take your car to a mechanic – Does your car sound like it’s having an asthma attack? Don’t sit on auto repairs. You could be doing damage to your car as well as your driving safety. When it comes time to replace the parts use genuine parts such as Toyota OEM parts. This will help keep your vehicle in good shape.
  • Your car is too hot/cold – Sometimes people may be afraid to tell you whether it’s too hot or cold in your vehicle. Be a good host and ask them if the temperature is to their liking. Also turn off the window locks for your passengers.
  • Your driving is scaring me – When it comes to driving, safety is always important. Drive the speed limit and obey the traffic laws. It’s not worth getting into an accident, especially when you have a guest in your car.

If you want to get an honest opinion about your car, take it to a mechanic. When searching for mechanics, find one that uses parts from the manufacturer of your vehicle. For example, it’s always better to use genuine Camry parts because they meet demands of your vehicle.


Written by Tom Blackman