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It’s Time to Get Rid of These Dumb Driving Laws - Toyota Parts Blog

Sure there’s a lot of debate when it comes to red-light cameras and cell phone use when driving. However, there are certain motor vehicle laws on the book that are just plain dumb.

Here are some of our favorite dumb driving laws. Some of these laws aren’t on the books anymore, but we thought we’d include a few of them for some laughs.

No Horn Honking at Sandwich Shops

There’s an old law in Arkansas that makes it illegal to honk your horn at a place where cold drinks and sandwiches are served after 9 p.m.

Horse Speed Limit

In Indianapolis, there’s a speed limit on horses. Horses cannot trot more than 10 mile per hour. So leave your thoroughbred at the stable.

Black Cars are Illegal


In Denver, there’s an old legend that it’s illegal to drive black cars on Sunday. It’s not true. It’s an example of a dumb myth.


No Unopened Beers in Car

In Scituate, Rhode Island, it used to be illegal to drive with an unopened beer in your vehicle. If that law were still in effect, there’d be a lot of arrests on Sundays during football season.

What silly laws do you have in your state? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below. 

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Written by Tom Blackman