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The Best Ways to Keep Kids Calm on Long Road Trips - Toyota Parts Blog

Here are some great ways to keep your kids calm during long road trips so you don’t have to hear the dreaded – Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Here’s how you make it stop.

Plenty of Breaks

You might want to get to your destination in record time. However, if want a more pleasant trip, takes some bathroom and food breaks. It’s important for summer driving safety. Plus it gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs.

Touch Screen Electronic Devices 

Smartphones, iPods and iPads are popular devices for adults as well as children. Having one of these devices can keep your child occupied for hours with video games, movies and even eBooks. Don’t let them play too long with these devices.


Long road trips are a great place for children to catch up on their reading. Designate an hour during the trip where all electronics must be shut off. It’s a great chance to let the kids do a little reading. 


We’re not talking about video games. We’re talking about the old fashioned type of games. Consider bringing travel size board games for your children. Disney Family Fun has some great on the road game ideas. The website includes all types of fun game ideas including matching games, puzzles and mazes.

Be sure to have your Toyota checked out before a big road trip. This will help ensure that your vehicle is in good working order. Have any old Toyota parts replaced before the trip. For more summer road maintenance tips, read The Top 7 Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips.


Written by Tom Blackman