How to Find Quality Genuine Toyota Parts - Toyota Parts Blog

It’s important to find quality parts for your Toyota.

This helps to keep your Toyota in optimal condition for years to come. When searching for Toyota parts, we recommend following these four tips.

  • Tip #1: Go with OEM Parts – It’s always better to go with Toyota OEM parts. When you go with OEM parts you’re getting the exact same part that came with the vehicle. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts also have warranties to protect against any issues. Yes, OEM parts can cost more than aftermarket parts, but you’re getting a better value.
  • Tip #2: Search the Web – You don’t have to go to your local dealer anymore to get OEM parts. This means you can find Camry parts and other Toyota parts online. In many cases, you’ll find better prices. The cost of OEM parts has gone down because of the internet.
  • Tip #3: Call Them Up – If you’re not finding what you need online, give them a phone call. In some cases, they may have what you need in stock. They just haven’t updated their website. If possible, have the part number ready as well as the model and year of your Toyota.
  • Tip #4: Ask About Shipping Charges – In some cases, you’ll have to pay shipping for the part. Be sure to find out how much it will cost them to ship the part to you. It will help you calculate the total cost.

Following these tips will help you find the right parts for your Toyota. For more helpful tips, read other posts on the Toyota Parts Center Blog.

Written by Tom Blackman