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The Best Sites to Read Unbiased Car Reviews - Toyota Parts Blog

auto guidesReading car reviews can really help make the right decision when buying a new vehicle. Unfortunately, there are tons of biased reviews on the web.

To help you find quality car reviews, we recommend visiting the websites below.



Edmunds works to empower, engage and educate automotive consumers through its in-depth  car reviews. Their website provides detailed reviews that examine the vehicle from top to bottom. Edmunds includes an excellent pricing section with vehicle MSRPs.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is known for their excellent, unbiased car reviews. Their website is very easy to navigate. It includes road tests as well as reviews on car tires and car batteries. It’s definitely worth visiting Consumer Reports. However, you must pay a fee to read full reviews.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver provides a variety of different reviews including instrument tests and comparison tests. If you can’t decide between two cars, this is the review site for you. The website also has a helpful buyers guide that makes it a breeze to compare vehicles.

U.S. News & World Report

This website has an easy-to-follow review page that breaks down reviews by giving the vehicle a score. U.S. News & World Report judges the quality of a vehicle based on performance, exterior, interior, safety and reliability. It’s a great read.


AutoGuide.com gives you all the review information that you need to make an informed purchase. Their reviews include high-quality pictures of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. It provides a nice “Fast Facts” section for people looking for a quick read.

To be safe, visit all of these sites as you’re doing your new car research. See where the reviews agree and disagree. It will really help with your purchase.


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Written by Tom Blackman