Why Women Are Better Drivers (Or Are They?) - Toyota Parts Blog

It’s a hotly contested subject: Who are better drivers, women or men?

According to a new study, women are the better drivers.

The study titled, Women Are Bad Drivers — Fact Or Fiction? sifted through statistics and found that women are better drivers on several fronts. The study showed that:

  • Women get into fewer accidents: For example, 80 percent of auto accidents that kill or injure pedestrians involve male drivers. Also female drivers are 27 percent less likely to be at fault for an accident.


  • Women get fewer DUIs: Reports show that the DUI ratio is three to one. The report highlights the fact that men received more than 600,000 DUIs in 2007 alone. While women received approximately 160,000 in that same year.


  • Women get fewer tickets: In just about every category women get fewer tickets than men. This includes reckless driving, speeding, failure to yield and stop sign violations.

However, a driving study published by the University of Michigan begs to differ. According to the Michigan study, women get into more accidents than men, even though they drive less.

So whom do you believe? Are women really better drivers? Or are men better behind the wheel? Leave your comments below.


Written by Tom Blackman