What Is OW-20 Oil? - Best Oil For Toyota Vehicles

With a lot of motor oils on the market, it is more difficult to figure out the right vehicle for your car. Oil types like OW-20 are now becoming a lot more common. What is this oil and why should you use it? 

What Is OW-20 Oil? - Best Oil for Toyota Vehicles

The new 0W-20 Oil has become the preferred oil choice among Toyota vehicle owners.

The 0W-20 oil is pure synthetic oil that retails for around $6.36 a quart. It is a pretty high price for a quart, yet it is the best oil that you can put into your Toyota.

Synthetic oil has become more and more common. It simply holds up better across a larger variety of driving conditions and doesn’t break down as fast as conventional motor oil. It is so popular, Toyota recommends it for all their vehicles except for some 4Runner/Tacoma and Flex Fuel Tundra/Sequoia vehicles (see: is Synthetic Oil Good or Bad).

Next time you are at your Toyota dealership check out this new, lighter-weight oil. It is the preferred choice these days for your Toyota vehicle.