How to Keep Track of Your Teenage Driver - Toyota Parts Blog

It’s hard to keep track of teenagers, especially when they have their driver’s license. Thankfully there are some easy ways to keep tabs on that teenage driver.

The tips and gadgets in this post will help you keep better track of that teenage driver so they stay safe and out of trouble.

  • Get Them a Cell Phone – Get your teenager a cell phone. It can help you keep track of them. If you’re worried about large cell phone bills, there are special plans geared specifically for teenagers. Some cell phone companies even offer services that allow you to track them by cell phone.
  • Buy a GPS Tracker – There are various GPS trackers that you can attached to a car to keep track of your teen. This is a great way to know the exact location of your teenager anytime they are driving.
  • Check with the Insurance Company – Some insurance companies have safe teen driving features. Also, many insurance companies will install a camera in the car with a teen driver. This will help you monitor your teen to see if they’re doing things like texting while driving.
  • Talk with Your Teen – Sometimes all it takes is a little communication. Express your expectations.
  • Make Them Realize Driving Is a Privilege – Many 16-year-olds feel driving is a right, not a privilege. If your teen is failing to stay in touch with you when they’re away from home, revoke their driving privileges.

These are just a few ways to keep better track of your teen. Make sure they’re driving a safe, reliable vehicle such as a Toyota. Using genuine Toyota parts will help keep the vehicle in good shape for your teenager.

Written by Tom Blackman