What are Reviewers Saying about the 2012 Camry? - Toyota Parts Blog

Toyota redesigned the Camry for 2012.

So how is the new Camry?

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Here are some highlights from the reviews.

  • Car and Driver says the new Camry looks “smoother than its predecessor.” The publication calls the interior “roomy and comfortable” and notes the new Camry uses better interior materials than previous generations.
  • Edmunds likes the Camry’s new web-based Entune system, which integrates audio, entertainment and navigation in one central hub in the vehicle. They say the new redesign makes the Camry “look a little tougher.” However, they were unhappy that there is not a manual transmission option.
  • AutoGuide.com says the new Camry comes in a “familiar shape with more chiseled lines.” They noted that Toyota didn’t really mess with the Camry’s engine. So don’t expect big changes when it comes to Camry parts.
  • U.S. News & World Report said its reviewers really liked the excellent fuel economy and refined performance. The publication noted that some have disliked the conservative exterior design. However, most agree it’s better than the previous generation.

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Written by Tom Blackman