The 5 Biggest Car Accessory Flops - Toyota Parts Blog

For every great car accessory idea, there are five that are just plain terrible.

Here is our list of some of the biggest car accessory flops of all time. Some have already flopped. Others are soon on their way.


5. Unnecessary Lighting – Remember the days of the Fast & the Furious? It was a cool movie. However, some people went overboard mimicking the flick. Many made their cars glow like Christmas trees with lots of unnecessary lighting.

4. Ridiculously Sized Spoilers – Bigger isn’t always better. A spoiler that is twice the size of the vehicle isn’t going to help with gas mileage. It’s also not going to help with the resale value of your car.

3. Fender Skirts – This old school style was meant to stay in the 1940s where it belongs. It does nothing to improve the look or value of your vehicle.

2. Truck Testicles – Who ever thought we’d see these two words paired together. While the genius behind this idea probably got some cash, this obscene accessory probably led to many embarrassed passengers.

1. French Fry Holder – You’ve got a cup holder already. It makes sense to have a French fry holder right? Wrong. Hopefully we never see the hamburger holder anytime soon to complete the trifecta.

What are some car or truck accessories that you despise? Leave your comments below.


Written by Tom Blackman