Strange Traffic Laws That Could Land You A Ticket

question mark traffic signThere are plenty of traffic laws that breaking could leave you with a ticket as well as scratching your head.

Here are some of the most bizarre traffic laws in the United States that could land you a ticket. If you break some of these laws, you may even end up in the slammer! 

  • Don’t screech your tires In Derby, Kansas! According to, this could land you 30 days in jail.
  • In Canton, Ohio, people with roller skates cannot share the street with cars. It seems like common sense. However, there must have been a lot of roller derbies in Ohio because this is a law on the books, according to
  • Blindfolded driving is illegal in Alabama. says there is a law preventing people from driving blindfolded in your car in Alabama. So much for playing pin the tail on the donkey while driving your car!
  • No storing trash in cars in South Carolina. Here’s another one from Don’t let those coffee cups and fast food bags pile up in your car. You could get a $500 fine or up to 30 days in jail. 
  • Don’t dry your car with your underwear in San Francisco! According to, getting caught drying your car with your unmentionables can lead to more than just an embarrassing situation. It can land you with a ticket.

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