The Truth About Generic Toyota Parts - Inferior Quality

You’ve probably considered buying generic Toyota parts for your vehicle. You might be wondering … is there a difference between generic/aftermarket Toyota parts and genuine Toyota parts? The truth is there is a difference.

generic toyota parts

What makes these parts different than generic ones? More than you would think.

Not too long ago, we compared oil filters for Toyota trucks. Here are some conclusions we found after comparing the filters:

  • Toyota OEM filters outperformed almost all aftermarket oil filters.
  • Toyota OEM filters were generally in the same price range as some mid and high-end oil filters.
  • Toyota OEM filters had the highest surface filtering area of any filters.

This is only a snapshot of a single Toyota Tundra part. However, it shows that genuine Toyota parts generally outperform generic/aftermarket parts.

As noted by, dealer parts:

  • Are easier to find for your vehicle
  • Come with an assurance of quality
  • Have a warranty

This is something you can’t get with many aftermarket parts. As noted by Edmonds, “Aftermarket parts are not created equal — but all OEM parts are.”

Read our study on Toyota truck oil filters. You’ll see how genuine Toyota filters compared with all the other brands.