The Top 10 Toyota SUV Accessories - Toyota Parts Blog

Toyota SUVIf you’re looking for some great Toyota accessories for your Rav4, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser or Highlander, consider these top 10 Toyota SUV accessories.

1. Carpet Floor Mats – Protect your SUV’s interior with Toyota floor mats.  You can get them with the model name embroidered on the mats.

2. Satellite Radio – Get hundreds of commercial free radio stations with XM satellite radio for your Toyota SUV.

3. Remote Key Start – Start your Toyota SUV from the comforts of your home.  With a push of the button, you can start your SUV to activate heater and A/C functions.

4. iPod Kit – Have an iPod charger cable built right into your glove box.  This allows you to easily charge your iPod without all the hassles of carrying around charging adaptors.

5. Cargo Tote – This is a great item for the storage area in your SUV.  It allows you to nicely organize items so they are easy to reach.

6. Tube Steps – These rust-resistant aluminum steps enhance the look of your SUV and make it easy to get in an out of your vehicle.  Most are easy to install and require no drilling.

7. Spare Tire Cover – This helps to keep your spare tire clean and give your Toyota SUV a stylized look.  It helps to protect against dust, dirt and debris.

8. Cargo Net – This envelope style net is installed in the back of your Toyota SUV.  It’s a great way to prevent items from rolling around in the back of your SUV.

9. Mud Guards – Protect your SUV from dirt, mud and rocks.  The Toyota mud guards are specifically designed for your Toyota SUV.

10. Paint Protection Film – This film is applied on the hood of your Toyota SUV and helps protect against stones, bugs and other road debris that can damage your SUV.

In addition to these accessories, always be sure to use genuine Toyota parts. Like genuine Toyota accessories, these are of higher quality and were specifically designed by Toyota.


Written by Tom Blackman