The Top 5 Android Apps For Your Toyota - Toyota Parts Blog

Android smartphones are very popular smartphones.  The odds are that you may even own one yourself.

If you own an Android smartphone, you’ll want to have the apps listed below on it.  These apps are great for any Toyota owner.

1. Voice Actions – This is a great app for Android users.  It allows you to control your phone via voice commands.  This is great when you’re driving.  Voice Actions requires Android 2.2 on your phone.

2. Google Maps Navigation – Never get lost again with this Android navigation app.  It provides turn-by-turn navigation, voice activation, traffic view and more.  It also has a car dock mode for safe driving.

3. GasBot – Save lots of green at the pump with the GasBot app for Android.  You’ll find the cheapest gas prices in your neighborhood with a swipe of the finger.

4. ParkDroid – Never lose your car again.  With the ParkDroid apps, you can find your car with mobile GPS as well as a digital compass.  This app includes an easy-to-read map so you can remember where your vehicle is parked.

5. aCar – When you replace any Toyota OEM parts in your vehicle, use aCar.  This car maintenance app helps keep track of oil changes, repairs and more.  It’s great if you’ve just replaced some Echo parts.

These are our favorite Android apps for Toyota owners.  What is your favorite?  Leave your comments below.

Written by Tom Blackman