The Truth About OEM Parts - Toyota Parts Blog

ToyotaYou’ve probably heard mechanics talking about OEM parts or Toyota OEM parts. But do you know what this means?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. These are parts that were actually built by the manufacturer.

For instance if you’re looking for Camry parts, OEM Camry parts would be made by Toyota.  Car parts not made by the manufacturer are often times referred to as generic or off-brand parts.

So when your Toyota needs new parts what should you get … OEM or generic?

You should go with OEM parts and it’s not just because we sell them.  Here’s the truth about OEM parts.

  • OEM Parts Fit The First Time – With OEM parts, you don’t have to worry about the parts not properly fitting.  That’s because the manufacturer specifically designed the parts.
  • OEM Parts Are Quality Made – Every OEM part meets manufacturer’s specifications.  No corners were cut.  It’s all about quality.
  • OEM Parts Perform Better – These are the parts that were specifically designed for your vehicle.  You can be sure that they’ll help your car perform at its best.
  • OEM Parts Come With A Warranty – Most OEM parts are at least backed up with a one-year warranty.  You don’t get that with most generic parts.

Sure there are some that will say OEM parts are more expensive than off-brand parts.  But you get what you pay for.  With generic parts, the quality is not as great … you don’t have much selection … and you don’t always get a warranty.

In our opinion, go with the OEM parts!

Written by Tom Blackman