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Registration open for Toyota's Free Safe Driving Program - Toyota Parts Blog

The Issue…

Driving over the last 100 years has become the core aspect of life on the global and American stages. It’s understandable, then, why companies and organizations are putting a massive focus on safety when dealing with driving. Automotive manufacturers are the first level in the battle against dangerous driving, and companies like Toyota have evolved their vehicles to better deal with problem driving environments and distractions. From them, the responsibility then usually goes to the driver themselves, who are ultimately the only thing stopping the vehicle from careening at ungodly speeds down the wrong side of the highway. While there are defensive driving courses and driving exams that our society has put in place to remedy some of these issues, there are still thousands of deaths reported on American roads each year that had to do with careless mistakes in less than perfect driving conditions.

The Program

That is why, starting in 2004, Toyota Motor Corp. in cooperation with several Local Toyota Dealerships began offering an experience sponsored by Toyota Driving Expectations to educate the public on proper driving techniques. Every year, they host a driving class directed towards recreating real-world situations that usually end in disaster for drivers, and instructing less-experienced drivers on how to deal with those issues. Through the unique situations presented to attendees at Toyota’s Free Safe Driving Program, drivers advance their driving skills and prevent many future accidents.

What will you learn?

Toyota published an overview of their program on their online pressroom, and in the overview mentioned some of the situations the students would be presented with. Some scenarios included learning how to:

  • “Learn defensive driving skills and crash avoidance techniques, such as best practices for focusing on the road”
  • “Identify and respond to the dangerous driving situations that they encounter daily”
  • “Experience firsthand the dangers of distracted driving and understand the relationship between distraction and reaction time”
  • “Understand vehicle dynamics and safety features, such as how to engage an anti-lock braking system”

Not Just for Students, Parents Too!

One of the outstanding features of the program is the effort Toyota put in to involve not only young drivers. A parent or guardian is required to come, because of the influence they have on their young drivers as role models. “The unique aspect of requiring a parent or guardian to attend the program with their teen driver helps to foster an open dialogue between teens and parents about safe driving habits,” the report said. “As a result, parents learn the best practices to promote responsible driving habits with their teens so they’re able to continue improving driving skills at home.” Both Parent and Student will be able to experience the world renowned Toyota Parts in a constructive, educational, and controlled environment!

For more info on the program, or to see the quotes featured in their original content, visit Toyota’s Press Release or their main Toyota News site.

The program will be held in the following cities at the following times.

  • Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc., in Torrance, CA, October 8 – 9 *
  • Emerald Downs in Auburn, WA, October 15 – 16
  • Bass Pro Shops in Denver, CO, October 22 – 23
  • Seymour High School in Seymour, CT, October 29 – 30 *
* Denotes special event; by invitation only.


Written by Tom Blackman