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Things to look for when buying Used Cars - Toyota Parts Blog

Everyone has had to drive a used car at some point or another. While it is a very smart consumer choice for those strapped for cash, a used car purchase can make or break someone’s mobility. Find a good car for a cheap price, and end up loving that Used Toyota for generations to come. Miss a couple key details, however, and you’re stuck with a car that isn’t reliable and bound to fail at one point or another. Here are several important things to keep in mind while searching for that next “Oldie but goodie”.

1. Look under the Hood!!

The engine is without a doubt the most important part to inspect when looking at a used car. Many times a used car is only judged on the outer appearance, and that is one of the WORST things to do. In the grand scheme of things, the car needs to actually run more than it needs to look like a luxury Lexus. When looking under the hood, take note of any irregularities like non Toyota OEM parts, loose belts, patched hoses, and corroded batteries. These little things can tell a lot about the former owner, and that usually can hint to how well the car was taken care of. Sometimes, with non OEM parts in older cars, problems can arise from the extra strain they put on the engine. While non-OEM are sometimes advertised as delivering more performance or gas mileage, the best thing to do would be to ask your local Kansas City Toyota Dealership about aftermarket parts.

2. Take it for a test drive!

Make sure to really listen to the car as you drive. The slightest noise or rattle can betray the biggest and most expensive problems to fix, and they aren’t anything to be ignored. Because the history of a used car isn’t always set in stone, you shouldn’t accept anything less than the best your money can buy. If you purchase a cheap car that seems to look nice under the hood and on the interior, but has a little rattle when driving on the highway, then the repairs spent to fix that stretched belt or broken fan could outweigh the cost of spending extra money on a nicer vehicle overall.

3. Don’t just ignore the looks!

While I mentioned not judging a book by it’s cover, the exterior of a car does play an important part in weighing the positives and negatives of a purchase. The more dinged up and scratched a used car is, the worse care it probably got from it’s former owner. It all comes back to trying to figure out what kind of automotive consumer owned the vehicle last. Not to slam the Used Toyota Car seller, but if the car doesn’t appear to have been well taken care of, then it probably isn’t a good buy.

4. Take it to an authorized dealer for an inspection!

One of the best resources for making informed automotive purchases resides at your local Kansas City Toyota Dealerships. It is the mechanic’s job there to be well informed on the different problems that can arise in vehicles over time, and for a quick fee they can usually show you any trouble spots. You may never be able to tell if a car’s transmission is about to give out, but usually a well versed mechanic can see the tell-tale signs of problems before they happen. They can also spot those non Toyota OEM parts that could cause an issue down the road.

Written by Tom Blackman