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How To Teach Teenagers To Drive Safely - Toyota Parts Blog

car keysBefore you hand your car keys over to your child, here’s an equation that gets just about every parent’s heart pumping: Teenager + Driver’s License + Car = Disaster Waiting To Happen!


To help slow down your heart rate, here are some tips to help teach your teenager how to drive safely.

1. Give Them The Practice That They Need: As a parent, you may be hesitant to let your teenager get behind the wheel of your car.  We’ve all heard the saying … practice makes perfect.  Keep this in mind when your teenager gets their learner’s permit.

2. Set A Good Example: If you want to be a good teacher, you need to set a good example.  When driving, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your teenager to do.  This includes talking on the cell phone, driving over the speed limit and ignoring traffic laws.

3. Be Patient: We all know that teenagers may not listen and may forget important things.  It’s your job to keep a cool head throughout the learning process.  Don’t get into pointless arguments with your teenager.

4. Buy A Safe Car: If you’re going to purchase a car or truck for your teenager, make sure that it’s a car with great safety features.  There are plenty of good cars on the market that will keep your teenager safe.

5. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance: A lot of parents forget to teach their teenager how to properly take care of a car.  For example if they own a Toyota Corolla, show them how to get an oil change, purchase Corolla parts and other maintenance issues.

Following these five tips will help you teach your teenager how to drive safely.  For more driving safety and automotive maintenance tips, read other blog postings on the Toyota Parts Center Blog.   On our blog we talk about Toyota parts, maintenance and more!

Written by Tom Blackman