Smartphone Apps to Help You Find the Lowest Gas Prices - Toyota Parts Blog

gas pumpWith gas prices on the rise, you’re probably looking for innovative ways to save at the pump.

One of the best tools to save money on gas is in your pocket.

If you have a smartphone, you can use it to help save money.  The following apps are great to use at the pump and in your car.

  • The AAA TripTik app is available for the iPhone and an Android version will be released soon.  This app tracks the gas prices at more than 130,000 gas stations and you don’t have to be a AAA member to use it.
  • GasBuddy is currently available on the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.  Users enter prices every time they pass a gas station.  This app then allows you to search for gas stations based on your location to find the best prices in your area.
  • Gas Cubby is available for the iPhone and helps users identify problems based on the fuel economy of their vehicle.  If the fuel economy is not optimal, the app will make recommendations based on what could possibly be wrong depending upon that specific vehicle.
  • MapQuest is available on iPhone and Android and can help users save money by not being stuck in traffic.  This app uses live traffic data to find the most efficient routes and save you from wasting gas in a traffic jam.

By using these apps on your smartphone, you will be sure to save money and find the cheapest gas in your area.  To save on gas, also be sure to take good care of your car.  Use quality Toyota parts such as genuine Toyota Corolla parts.


Written by Tom Blackman