Hybrids: Are They Worth the Hype? - Toyota Parts Blog

hybridThere has been a lot of hype over the past ten years about hybrids.

Hybrid technology has improved and become less expensive.  However, there is still a debate as to whether they are actually worth the extra money.

Before you buy a hybrid, do a little hybrid math. You may be surprised what you find. Consider the following:

  • You must first consider the price increase from the conventional model to the hybrid.
  • You must then consider the difference in fuel economy.
  • Also do not forget to take into account if there is an increased cost of ownership for a hybrid model over a conventional one.

For the many hybrid models that exist, it will take years to recoup the additional costs compared to the conventional model.

On the other hand, as gas prices continue to rise, certain hybrid models, like the Toyota Prius<, null, null, null, null)">Toyota Camry parts.

Before purchasing a hybrid, make sure to find out if it is the right vehicle for you.  If not, you might not like the decision you make.

Written by Tom Blackman