Are Automatic Car Washes Safe For Your Toyota? - Toyota Parts Blog

car washAutomatic car washes are a great time saver.  But are they good for your brand new Toyota?

It all depends.

Some automatic car washes are great.  Other automatic car washes you’ll want to avoid at all costs.  To help you out, here are some things that you should look at before taking your Toyota to an automatic car wash.

  • Brushes: You’ll want to avoid carwashes that still use those barrel bristle brushes that spin very fast.  Look for car washes that use cloths that gently move along the exterior of your car or truck.
  • Hold Off On Extras: You’ll want to hold off on the extras.  In many cases, the waxes and polishes do little to enhance the look of your vehicle.  They are also overpriced.  It’s a better idea to apply these types of treatments on your own.
  • Drying: When it comes to drying, you typically have two options … by hand or automatic dryers.  Surprisingly, the people towel drying your car may be more dangerous.  That’s because dirt and debris can get trapped in their towels and scratch your car.  If you go with the towel dryers, be sure that they use a clean towel on your car.

After your car has been washed, be sure to check it for any damage.   If you notice any damage, you’ll want to bring it to the attention of the car wash manager.

Even if they claim they are not liable for the damages, they may consider fixing the damages for customer relation purposes.

Following these tips will protect your Toyota and keep it looking great.  To keep it looking good on the inside, be sure to use Toyota OEM parts such as Toyota Corolla parts.


Written by Tom Blackman