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Satellite vs. HD Radio: What Should You Get? - Toyota Parts Blog

satellite radioYou’ve probably heard of satellite and HD radio, but do you know the difference?  Do you know what to get?

If you’re unfamiliar with satellite and HD radio, keep on reading this blog post.

You’ll get all the information that you need to make a good decision.

Satellite Radio: When it comes to satellite radio, it’s all about Sirius XM Radio.  With Sirius XM, you can get more than 120 commercial-free stations.

Satellite radio is a lot like cable TV.  It’s a subscription service. Prices generally range from $12 to $16 a month.  The benefit is that you get tons of commercial-free stations that you can’t find on regular radio.

If you’re buying a new Toyota, you have the option of getting satellite radio. If you have a used Toyota, you can look into replacing your existing stereo with a satellite radio.

HD Radio: Just like broadcast television stations went to HD, so are radio stations. HD Radio allows you to listen to regular radio broadcasts in clear, crisp sound. You also get a few more stations that you wouldn’t get with regular radio.

You can shop for an HD Radio receiver in a variety of places. An HD Radio receiver can run anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the options.  Some even include satellite radio features.

What to buy: When it comes to HD and satellite radio, it all depends on preference.  If you’re willing to spend the money for commercial-free radio, go with satellite.  If you want clearer sound, go with HD.  You always have the option of going with both.

Be sure to talk with people who have HD and satellite radio.  You also can talk with a Toyota parts specialist. They can help you find the right radio for your Toyota. They also can help you with any questions about HD radio and new Toyota vehicles.

Written by Tom Blackman