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The Best Smartphone Apps To Use In Your Car - Toyota Parts Blog

smartphoneSmartphones like the iPhone and Android phones are changing the way we live, and it’s all because of apps.

With smartphone apps you can find a good restaurant, listen to music and even do your taxes!  Apps also are helping us in our cars.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite iPhone and Android apps to use in our cars.  Read about our favorite apps below.

  • Fuel Finder: Looking for the cheapest gas price in town?  Use the Gas Buddy app to find the lowest gas prices near you.  Compare prices and get maps to the nearest gas stations.  This app for the iPhone is $2.99.

  • MotionX GPS Drive: This app turns your iPhone into a GPS navigation unit.  It includes car as well as pedestrian navigation.  Get turn-by-turn navigation with this popular app.  This app is priced at .99 cents.

  • Pandora: If you’re looking for good music, you need to download Pandora onto your Android phone or iPhone.  With this free app, you can create personalized radio stations based on your favorite songs and artists.

  • Car Locator: Having trouble finding your car?  Try the Car Locator app for Android.  With this app, you’ll never lose your car again.  Mark your car’s location on a map so you can find it in a crowded parking lot.

Now that you know our favorite apps, what are some of your favorite apps to use in your car?  Leave a comment below on the Toyota Parts Center Blog.

Written by Tom Blackman