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What To Look For In A Bike Rack For Your Car - Toyota Parts Blog

bike rackThanks to high gas prices and Lance Armstrong, bicycles have experienced a resurgence among Americans.

If you like taking your bike with you on day trips and vacations, you’re going to need a bike rack for your car or SUV.  Finding the right bike rack can be a difficult process, especially if you never owned one before.

Answering the questions below will help you to find the right bike rack for your vehicle.

Where do I want the bike on my vehicle?

When it comes to bike racks, they are typically installed on the roof or at the rear of the vehicle.  Roof racks are becoming popular because many can also carry other outdoor items such as skis and snowboards.  Roof racks are popular on cars such as the Toyota Matrix.

How many bikes will I be carrying?

Most bike racks typically carry two bicycles.  If you have more bicycles, you’ll need to consider getting a bigger bike rack.  These types of racks are usually installed on the rear of the vehicle.

How often do I need a bike rack?

There are bike racks that you can easily remove from your vehicle.  Others stay on your vehicle at all times.  If you don’t ride your bike a lot, you’ll probably want one that is easy to remove.  It all depends on your preference.

Summary: Asking yourself these three questions, will help you to find the perfect bike rack for your vehicle.  For more ideas, talk with family and friends.

What type of bike do you own?  We’d love to see your comments on our blog!


Written by Tom Blackman