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Can You Tell Which Toyota Models These Are? - Toyota Parts Blog

Maybe you know your Toyota models pretty well, but can you identify them without the badges? We’ll make part I easy for you, but we bet you still can’t guess these models below! Guess the models and scroll down for the reveal — no cheating!

Toyota test 1

2. Toyota test 2

3. Toyota test 3

4. Toyota test 4

5. Toyota test 5

6. Toyota test 6

1. Toyota test Camry

If you guessed Toyota Camry, you’re right!

2. Toyota test GT86

If you said anything other than a GT-86, you missed this one.

3. Toyota test Corolla

Did you recognize the ever-popular Corolla?

4. Toyota test Tundra

We bet you had a hard time telling this Tundra from a Tacoma.

5. Toyota test Supra

Okay, so we threw you a bone with the Supra.

6. Toyota test tacoma

You recognize this as a Tacoma now, don’t you?

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Written by Jason Lancaster