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New Year, New Cars, New Issues?

It’s officially 2010, and a new year comes with a slew of new, efficient, and next generation vehicles. This year, the third generation Prius is one of the most anticipated[…]

Toyota Recalls Certain Tundra Trucks

As of late, Toyota vehicles have become more and more advanced with self diagnostics. It seems like everything that could go wrong has a light that notifies the driver about[…]

Toyota Opens Hydrogen Fueling Station

As many of you may know, Hydrogen vehicles are on the rise in the automotive industry. While there is not a current option for the everyday consumer that is powered[…]

New Voluntary Recall of Tundra Trucks

Toyota has announced a voluntary recall of several Tundra Trucks in regards to the Rear drive shaft. While no accidents involving a death or injury have occurred, Toyota has discovered one[…]

Attention World: Replacement Toyota Parts ARE Available

Toyota’s recent announcement about their summer vehicle production schedule highlights the impact of Japan’s earthquake on the supply of auto parts. From Toyota: “[Toyota] plans to continue procuring parts from the same[…]

Lexus LF-Gh Concept

Lexus will/has unveiled their newest concept vehicle, the LF-Gh and the New York Autoshow opening later this month. It is designed to be the best of both worlds: a combination[…]

Toyota Recognizes the iOS Jailbreak Community

Toyota recently unveiled and launched a new advertising campaign, this time focusing on the minority of ipod touch/iphone users who have jailbroken their phones. They launched a “theme” through the[…]

Toyota Parts Shortage News – Shocks and Struts May Be Hard To Come By

Word has come down from Toyota that, due to earthquake damage, a small number of replacement parts (about 200) are going to be under “controlled allocation” for the next few[…]

Toyota Watching Inventory Closely

Although the disaster in Japan may have been pushed to the “old news” category by the general media, the situation halfway around the globe is still effecting U.S. Toyota customers[…]

Prius family launches delayed in Japan

As expected, the current situation in Japan has affected some of Toyota‘s newest ventures. Announced over the last few months, the Prius V and C models were expected to hit[…]

Earthquake in Japan Rocks Auto-motor Companies

While the recent earthquake in Japan has rocked the world’s humanitarian efforts, Toyota and other automotive companies are having issues of their own. Toyota is one of two major companies[…]

Spotlight: Lexus CT 200h

For years, the hybrid industry has been 100% focused on fuel efficiency. The proud started it all, offering an unparalleled fuel economy at the time of it’s release. Now, three[…]

Toyota Announces Another Recall Related to Floor Mats

Today Toyota announced yet another recall related to floor mats, this time in regards to several Lexus All-Wheel Drive vehicles. Approximately 20,000 “2006 and early 2007 Model Year GS 300[…]

Learn to Drive a Supercar

As many of you visiting this blog probably know, Toyota is taking the supercar industry by storm with its growing in popularity Lexus LFA. Designed to combine luxury with race/super-car[…]

Toyota Hits a Milestone for Certified Pre-Owned Sales

Used vehicles have always been a huge player in the automobile industry. When something as complex and high end as a vehicle is manufactured, it is expected to stay around[…]

It’s Small, but it Packs a Punch

Prepare yourself, for the 2011 Toyota Matrix is hitting the streets, and it’s hitting them hard. On display at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show, the 2011 Matrix was one of[…]

Numbers for Toyota Up 18%

Last year was quite an experience for Toyota Motor Corp. With more than 1.5 million vehicles produced in North America, the company grew despite the recalls and economic depressions they[…]

Toyota Recalls Nearly 1.7 Million Vehicles Worldwide

January 26, 2011, Toyota Motor Corp. announced a round of recalls affecting 1.7 million models company wide. While there were three separate recalls around the world, the only vehicles included[…]

Toyota Prius C concept: C for City

The hybrid vehicle industry is constantly evolving, and with the concept unveiled at the Detroit Auto show last week, Toyota is changing with it. No longer can an automobile company succeed with[…]

Showcase: Toyota Prius-V: for Versatility

So what happens when you take the Toyota Prius, the most popular, efficient, and innovative hybrid on the market, and evolve it into something completely new? Meet the Prius-V, the[…]

Toyota Entune hits CES

On today’s mobile phones, consumers are constantly distracted with content. Personalised radio, online search engines, and mobile applications supply entertainment seamlessly through the phone. Unfortunately, however, the medium through which[…]

Detroit, Here We Come!

It has been rumoured for months, and followers of Toyota have been gaining interest in it’s release. January 10th will be the day everyone finds out what Toyota Motor Sales[…]

Toyota Agrees with Settlement

Two days ago, on December 20th, Toyota officially announced their settlement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Settlement was based on their response to the 2005 recall[…]

Toyota Announces Voluntary Recall of 94,000 Vehicles

Announced yesterday, Toyota issued a voluntary recall of its 2011 year Sienna minivan to solve issues observed with the Stop Lamp Switch Bracket. Also known as the brake lights, Stop[…]

Toyota Pushes Consumer Smartphones Towards New Technologies

In today’s society, where the time it takes to do something is essential, it is very rare to see a company make innovations like Toyota has that brings all kinds[…]

New Things are Coming, and They Look Good!

Toyota has been and currently is one of the most eco-minded automotive manufacturers in the world, and on a recent plan posted on their online newsroom, Toyota Motors Corp. outlined[…]

Cue the Dramatic Music…

Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for… the RAV4 EV!!!! Officially presented on the 17th of this month by Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. president Jim Lentz, this brainchild[…]

Tesla and Toyota; they go together like butter and toast.

Announced Nov. 10th on Toyota Motor Corporation’s online pressroom, the updated and brand new RAV4 EV will be the first co-operative project to come out of the new partnership between[…]

Toyota Continues Program Supporting International Teacher Fellowship

For what is now 11 years, Toyota has funded and ran the Toyota International Teachers Program through sales of their many Toyota Parts and Accessories. Over those monumental 11 years,[…]

Toyota Denies Confidentiality Releases

On Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC)’s online newsroom last Thursday, the Japan based company denied several allegations referring to two Toyota vehicles that were repurchased when the customers reported issues with[…]

Toyota Prices on the Climb as the Dollar Falls

If you haven’t been watching the news lately, it would seem that as the U.S. Dollar depreciates in value, the Japanese Yen, the currency that the Japan-based Toyota Motor Corp.[…]

Toyota Responds Swiftly to Brake Issues

A recall was announced this week by Toyota focusing on several Toyota Avalon, Highlander, and Lexus models because of issues customers and engineers discovered in the vehicles’ master brake cylinders.[…]

The Billboard That Showed it All

Advertisements are probably the most important and powerful tool at the expense of businesses. They can spread excitement about the brand’s old successes, or, in Toyota’s case of late, advertisements[…]

Bio-PET plastic: coming to vehicles near you

There are many things that make up an interior; it seems like everything these days when it comes to automobiles comes in different shapes and sizes. From the steering wheel,[…]

Two Year Maintenance Plans Come to Toyota Vehicles

Vehicle ownership can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but after a few months, sometimes the first few months can lead to some frustrating experiences. Maintenance can be one[…]

Toyota Sends Rebates for Lexus to Spark Sales

At a conference in Las Vegas this week, Toyota gathered many of the area’s dealers to announce several new country wide rebates they will be offering for multiple Lexus models[…]

Toyota Sales Numbers Up 16.8%

Yesterday on their newsroom homepage, Toyota posted their net sales totals for the month of September. Advocates and followers of the company will be happy to hear that, compared to[…]

Toyota 2011 Highlander is Invigorated with Revisions

It seems that next season’s crossover to drive, the 2011 Toyota Highlander, will receive many new upgrades and aesthetic improvements that will give rise to a crossover full of energy and[…]

Smartphone Apps And Online Tools For Your Toyota

The Best Car Care Tools And Gadgets For Your Smartphone And Computer   Do you want to turn your smartphone and computer into the ultimate auto-care and maintenance tools? We[…]

Toyota Parts Center Discusses How to Sell Toyota OEM Parts Online

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