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Why Buy From Us?

At Parts.OlatheToyota.com we ONLY offer genuine Scion OEM Parts, because we believe factory-spec Scion parts are the only replacements you should use on your vehicle. We believe this because:

1) Factory-spec parts meet extensive technical standards. Scion has dozens (or hundreds) of testing requirements and production rules that must be followed closely. The reason? Scion has to stand behind their parts for years-they can't afford to produce low-quality parts.

2) Scion stands behind their parts. Depending on what you buy, your genuine Scion part comes with a specific warranty and/or guarantee that any Toyota & Scion dealer anywhere in the USA will honor.

3) Genuine parts work best. When you buy a genuine replacement, you never have to worry about whether or not the part will fit as promised, whether or not the connectors are right, etc. It's a factory part, the same as what your Scion came with brand-new.