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OEM 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Parts - Select Trim & Engine

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The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is an advanced hybrid passenger car that offers fuel efficiency and comfort. When you need new parts for your Prius, you want parts that will last as long as the original parts, which is why you buy OEM 2017 Prius parts from us.

  • - Brake System – The brake system stops your vehicle when you press the pedal. If any of these parts wear out or fail, you may not be able to stop. We have drums, rotors, shoes and pads, as well as ABS and parking brake parts.
  • - Water Pumps – The water pump is what sends the coolant throughout your engine compartment, thus reducing the temperature. If the pump is not working, the temperature will start to rise. We have pumps, radiators and hoses.
  • - Bulbs – If you are going to see in the cabin while driving at night, you need the overhead light. These bulbs, as well as other bulbs throughout your vehicle, will burn out eventually. We have replacement bulbs, fuses and headlights.

We only carry genuine OEM parts at Olathe Toyota Parts Center. If you have any questions about any of your Prius parts, then ask our experts. We offer superior customer service from highly trained staff and fast, affordable shipping. Shop now.