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OEM 2008 Toyota Tundra Parts - Select Trim & Engine

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2008 Toyota Tundra Parts

The 2008 Toyota Tundra saw 13 new variations added to its lineup, which included a Tundra Grade trim that focused on the price conscious buyer. This full-sized truck came in 2-door, 4-door and crew cab versions. Anytime you need new parts for your Tundra, you buy genuine OEM Toyota parts because you know they’re built to last as long as the original.

  • Air Filters – Like you, your engine needs fresh air, and a clean air filter will help it breathe better. Change the filter regularly, and even more if you live on a dirt road or have a long highway commute. We have air filters, as well as other maintenance items for your Tundra.
  • Door Handles – A door handle should last the lifetime of your truck, but if it becomes damaged or a part inside it goes bad on it, we can help. We have door handles, windows, locks and trim parts.
  • Emissions System Parts - In order to keep pollution down, parts like the catalytic converter measure the exhaust and regulate it, so that it doesn’t send too many emissions into the atmosphere. If these parts fail, you will end up with poor engine performance and too much exhaust. We stock catalytic converters, sensors, valves and other emission parts.

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